Beoordeling 9.8 gebaseerd op 54 individuele klantbeoordelingen op 5-sterrenspecialist

Interart Interieurs


Wij zijn AF NORTH/ NATO geautoriseerde Tax Free winkel.
Wir sind AF NORTH / NATO autorisierten Tax Free Shop.
We are AF NORTH / NATO Authorized Tax Free shop.
Nous sommes AF NORD / OTAN fiscaux agréés boutique gratuite.

Many stationed at JFC HQ Brunssum have bought furniture at one of our Shops in Limburg.
You can see our furniture in the limburg lounge at HQ Brunssum
and in our shops in Simpelveld to the south of Brunssum and Amstenrade to the North of Brunssum

Authorized Merchant Tax Free Shop

Enjoy tax free shopping at Interart Interieurs. We are a certified for Tax Free shopping for al JFCB entitled personnel.
We are proud to be of service to the men and women in the military.

The entitled personnel should download the HQ JFCBS Form 619 certificate 15-10 from HQ JFCBS website and complete it with the shop owner in accordance with instructions (see the link on JFCBS website, Brunssum Community Section/Life in Holland/Tax Free Shopping EU Market).

The entitled personnel buy goods at price that includes VAT and agree with the shop that VAT will be refunded. The completed HQ JFCBS certificate 15-10 and purchase invoice will be checked and stamped at the HQ JFCBS Tax-Registration Office. A copy of both the purchase invoice and the HQ JFCBS certificate 15-10 will be stored by the HQ JFCBS Tax Office. The entitled person returns one stamped copy of the form to the shop who should refund the VAT. Only one certificate can be used per purchase invoice. The Morale Welfare Activities Policy Committee will levy a charge of 3 euros per form. This revenue directly benefits the JFCBS community. The NLD Tax authorities may request that the entitled person proves that he/she holds the goods, the form and the purchase invoice for a period of up to 3 years or until the end of the tour at JFCBS.

Contact Amstenrade

Hoofdstraat 67-69
6436CC Amstenrade
Tel: 046-442 32 88
Woensdag t/m vrijdag 11.00 -16.30 uur
Zaterdag van 11.00 -16.00 uur
Bezoek op afspraak is mogelijk, ook op maandag of dinsdag


Contact Simpelveld

Nieuwe Gaasstraat 1, 2, 7a
6369VK Simpelveld
Tel: 045-544 31 61
Dinsdag t/m vrijdag 10.30-17.30 uur
Zaterdag van 10.30-16.30 uur
's avonds op afspraak